Nutrition Wellness

Nutrition Wellness promotes the values of eating farm-fresh and healthy produce daily. This program addresses health and wellness concerns to help individuals to design their specific plan for a healthy and happy life. The growing national concern to improve health standards among youth and their families is a top priority for Nutrition Wellness. At this current rate, trends show that preventable diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity are rapidly growing out of control. Therefore, new eating habits are cultivated and Nutrition Wellness assists in making the change.

Nutrition Wellness facilitates classes for groups, and is also setup to assist a client in a private and confidential setting. Classes are fun, interactive and customized to all levels, ages and personal needs.

It starts with an overview how produce is grown. Are you buying produce locally? Is it grown organically and harvested fresh?

Farm-fresh produce is introduced to the individual, and a trip to the local farmers market may be suggested. Opportunities for hands-on experiences to connect with your local food supplier may be recommended to inspire your journey with Nutrition Wellness. Recipes how to prepare locally grown produce are brought to the discussion table and with that nutritional benefits are discovered.

Individuals learn about the importance of eating and preparing nutritious meals for an entire day. It starts with healthy breakfasts to aid concentration, healthy snacks to help maintain energy levels, and balanced meals for lunch and dinner. These classes of integrative meal planning can be shared with the whole family.

Participants are taught new behaviors to embrace a healthier lifestyle. They learn how to support healthy habits through peer-to-peer mentorship, which will support the change in eating healthy and nutritious food, while adopting new behaviors at home and when eating out. Nutrition Wellness inspires individuals to aspire to live a healthy and active life.

The six-week Nutrition Wellness Program offers age-appropriate classes on topics such as:

  • how to read food labels when shopping for food;
  • how to choose your most nutritious produce for your dinner table;
  • how to select a meal when dining out, in the school cafeteria, or eateries;
  • understanding the difference between one helping and one portion size;
  • how to be active and mindful enjoying a healthy and happy life daily.

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