New Goals?

Life can throw some obstacles every so often.

Hence, one needs to know when to engage, and when to let go. Moving on is of course not an easy task. Some have the advantage to pass through life more swiftly than others, and some take enjoyment of experiencing a couple of trials before letting go.

Perhaps unconscious negative patterns keep nudging you to engage. And of course the ending is a disaster.

Today, you are ready to change the script of your life and chose to go a different path – a direction that creates positive results. This may apply to overeating and drinking, using curse words and people pleasing.

We can help in all of these cases, if you are ready to change!

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Many times I see a client who simple cannot move forward and frequently, they disguise their lack of success quiet artistically. With that said, making the appointment to address the cause or causes is already a step forward to making a change.

Procrastination and motivation go hand in hand.

Defining the cause for their “procrastination” is of course key to creating change. Through NLP, hypnosis techniques and clearly defined growth strategies allow for the client to perceive their surroundings in a brand new light and thus, a new behavior is adopted.

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Beliefs and Foods

During your sessions, we will assess your messages that you are sending to your brain, and reprogram your communication skills to help you change your habits. Overeating is an unconscious habit and guided imagery is a vital step to shifting your perceptions of past beliefs.

Let’s take the example of a comfort eater who experienced a traumatic event years ago. This may have created a belief that said, “the world is unsafe; food comforts me”. With guided imagery we will change the personal belief and reframe the experience of the traumatic event. Consequently, food will no longer exercise control over your emotions and eating patterns when conflict arises, instead you will be in charge.

Learning to be conscious of your eating behavior and being mindful when you are eating will help you lose weight the pounds you no longer need.

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Marianne Zaugg

Change Your Thought!

Hypnosis can help identify the root causes that nudge you to consistently overeat. Everyone experiences life differently; therefore underlying issues and how they came into existence are different from person to person.

Whether beliefs, events, environment or situations are responsible for your behaviors, everything needs to be brought to the surface. These may be triggers causing you to overeat.

Hypnosis creates a pathway to your unconscious behavior. During this process you are guided to observe, understand and resolve your root causes.

You learn to release emotions to your comfort eating and discover their root causes. You explore new ways to nourish your body and mind with foods that are balancing and healing. Overeating will become a part of the past!

Guided imagery, inner guidance work and age regressions will help you uncover the real story of your hunger.

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Marianne Zaugg