So I Thought It Was Over

Just when you think life is going well, a surprising even will happen.   Partying for weeks from all my birthday celebrations; I came home one evening on an LA Fwy. to find a stalled car.  I stopped of course.  The sound of metal crushing me between two cars was my next frightening sound.  Cars whizzing past me at way too fast a speed limit.  The big trucks were even more frightening.  The CHP came to help us, and my car was totaled with falling bits of wreckage strewn across the road.  I survived and did not even have to go to the hospital.  I am lucky to be alive.  Everyone told me the angels were with me.  They were and I am telling this to prove it.

Hot to Trot

So it is muggy.  You feel miserable.  You become so hot that you become bitchy and complain about everything you can think of.  Well take time to get into a cooler place and state of mind.  Yesterday I went to the movies and saw Lee Daniel’s ‘The Butler.”   The theater was cool, I relaxed, and this has even helped me the next day.  Stop bitching and get your life in a more cooler peaceful place.  No body really wants to hear your complaining.  Our world and your state of being need to chill out.   You can always deal with your problems in a creative way, and you will feel better for it.  I hate this weather, but my attitude and health is more important than feeling down in a hot funky mess.

Stay cool!


Overcoming Adversity

Last night I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Natalie Cole.  I met her when she was nine years old with pig tails in Highland Park.  Her father Nat was a very popular singer.   With all the fame and money they went through a difficult situation  with prejudice and racial feelings by some in the neighborhood.  I remember the family  being  very classy and loving.

Later Natalie would overcome so much with drug abuse and the help of loved ones and family.  Her mother had control of her finances and life until she was strong enough to take control over her own.

She is still here, strong, and very much a survivor.

Happy musings.


The Beginning

At the time of my birth I was seven month in gestation, and labor had to be induced to save my life.  I weighed five pounds, and  was forced fed to keep me alive. The chances for my survival were very slim.

But I am here, and hence it is obvious  that I survived.

This was my beginning!  And now what?  Is this the blueprint of my life?

Happy musings!



Every morning after I wake up, I sit in a chair and practice ‘being grateful’ for everything in my life, my home, my planet and the Universe.

This blog is the tool that I will be using to share my journey – in positive thinking, meditation and mindfulness – that has led me to this place. My life has had many obstacles that I have overcome to get to this place. As I move forward, I will share experiences and outcomes through the change of perception, learning and growth.

Happy musings,