Change Food Behavior

Innovative weight loss programs with hypnotherapy are available at our new platform YES to wellbeing. Sometimes, one wants to lose these extra 10 or 20 pounds to fit those jeans that have been a bit too snug for the past few months. We can help by evaluating your food choices, review your portion control and identify where you may sabotage yourself. Guided hypnosis sessions are supportive tools to help instilling new behaviors.

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Marianne Zaugg

Lose Weight With Hypnosis

How many times have you lost the same 20, 30 or 50 pounds over the past decade? Most likely you have been dieting for years. And today we know diets don’t work! Eventually you resume your old self and continue to white-knuckle your cravings, while depriving yourself of good food. And the truth is: It is not about food and it is not about weight.

Using techniques of hypnosis I address your unconscious behavior of overeating and discover all the reasons that keep you from losing weight.

Hypnosis is essential in making fundamental changes with lasting results
reinforces new eating habits and supports positive changes that balance body and mind
helps you achieve your long-term goal(s) of losing weight
changes your relationship with food, creating healthy long-term eating patterns

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Marianne Zaugg

Demystifying Hypnosis

The question of how hypnosis works is often asked and my most direct response is: To enter into a state of hypnosis implies that the critical mind is bypassed. It is the intention of a hypnotherapist to sidestep the barrier that is critical and judgmental, and then, suggestions are given to establish selective thinking. Once this process is achieved, you are ready, open and receptive to changing your behavior.

When in a state of hypnosis, your body feels relaxed and your mind experiences a soothing calm. Your attention is acutely focused and directed to a place, where you feel in complete control of all of your senses.

Your concentration is drawn away from the outer world or issues at hand, and is re-focused to your inner self, where you uncover the underlying causes that trigger your behavior. This deliberate and highly concentrated attention is hypnosis. Thus, hypnosis is focused attention.

Marianne Zaugg

Curb Cravings

Cravings throughout the day and snacking late at night can account for more calories then you are aware of. Perhaps today is the day that you consider to take control of your eating habits and want to find out what triggers your late night snacking.

Hypnosis will help you uncover these root causes that nudge you to overeat. During your sessions, tools and suggestions are given to you to stop your cravings and comfort eating. Suggestions are carefully tailored to address your individual need or needs. Some of you may want to stop eating chocolate ice cream late at night, or manage your cravings for sweets while working, or reach for these salty snacks while watching television.

Together we will map out a plan that works for you achieving your goals and your weight loss. Call me today to discover how I can help you be successful.

Dr. Marianne Zaugg

Change Your Thought!

Hypnosis can help identify the root causes that nudge you to consistently overeat. Everyone experiences life differently; therefore underlying issues and how they came into existence are different from person to person.

Whether beliefs, events, environment or situations are responsible for your behaviors, everything needs to be brought to the surface. These may be triggers causing you to overeat.

Hypnosis creates a pathway to your unconscious behavior. During this process you are guided to observe, understand and resolve your root causes.

You learn to release emotions to your comfort eating and discover their root causes. You explore new ways to nourish your body and mind with foods that are balancing and healing. Overeating will become a part of the past!

Guided imagery, inner guidance work and age regressions will help you uncover the real story of your hunger.

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Marianne Zaugg

Beliefs and Foods

During your sessions, we will assess your messages that you are sending to your brain, and reprogram your communication skills to help you change your habits. Overeating is an unconscious habit and guided imagery is a vital step to shifting your perceptions of past beliefs.

Let’s take the example of a comfort eater who experienced a traumatic event years ago. This may have created a belief that said, “the world is unsafe; food comforts me”. With guided imagery we will change the personal belief and reframe the experience of the traumatic event. Consequently, food will no longer exercise control over your emotions and eating patterns when conflict arises, instead you will be in charge.

Learning to be conscious of your eating behavior and being mindful when you are eating will help you lose weight the pounds you no longer need.

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Dr. Marianne Zaugg

Overeating? Discover your triggers!

Triggers to overeat will continue to nudge you until you uncover the root causes to your overeating. Here are a few ways to begin your path to discover your triggers:

Record all the foods that you are eating throughout the day.
Journal your emotions, and all the places, whenever you overeat.
Be honest with yourself.

To journal your food intake will help you understand how much food you are eating. Recording your emotions when you eat will give you insights to the feelings that surface when you are reaching for food to “calm down”.

After a while of writing and recording, you will find clues in your journal to when and where the triggers to overeat happen. Some of you may notice that the root causes stem from a much deeper place, and overeating happens every time the same stressful situation arises.

Identifying root causes and safely bringing them into consciousness is your most important step to losing weight.

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Dr. Marianne Zaugg

Eat Right – Lose Weight

The book is finally here. Eat right lose weight. Introducing the 5 Element Nutrition and Hypnosis System.
This workbook is a new approach to give you tools to change your lifestyle while losing weight. It is a healing system for body and mind, whereby you learn more about what foods best support you.
On the other hand, hypnosis addresses weight issues. This may include cravings, stress eating and other overeating patterns. Our workbook guides you and supports your path to weight loss. Feel free to download your free quiz.

Marianne Zaugg


Fresh Fruits + Vegetables

To control diabetes and weight eating fresh fruits and vegetables helps a great deal. Through my coaching, my team was able to open this organic farm in South El Monte. Earthworks Farm is now open to the public to buy their organic fruits and vegetables. As part of the educational component we will offer workshops in cooking and preparing wonderful meals to manage weight.


Hypnosis coaching tools are extremely helpful in losing weight. Obesity may a huge concern to the wellbeing of an individual. To lose those extra pounds may just be a few steps away. One can begin by eating better, getting fit and then letting go of old burden. Hypnotherapy is an easy tool to modify behavior that works.

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