Overeating? Discover your triggers!

Triggers to overeat will continue to nudge you until you uncover the root causes to your overeating. Here are a few ways to begin your path to discover your triggers:

Record all the foods that you are eating throughout the day.
Journal your emotions, and all the places, whenever you overeat.
Be honest with yourself.

To journal your food intake will help you understand how much food you are eating. Recording your emotions when you eat will give you insights to the feelings that surface when you are reaching for food to “calm down”.

After a while of writing and recording, you will find clues in your journal to when and where the triggers to overeat happen. Some of you may notice that the root causes stem from a much deeper place, and overeating happens every time the same stressful situation arises.

Identifying root causes and safely bringing them into consciousness is your most important step to losing weight.

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Dr. Marianne Zaugg


During the holiday season stress can increase tremendously!
Therefore, taking time out and engaging in various forms of relaxation techniques can help reduce pressure and tension. Listening to music, taking a warm bubble bath, or having a cup of tea with a good friend may be enough to reconnect and get centered once again.


Everything is possible and that means everything!

Body, mind, spirit and that includes financial well being is the key to a happy life. Perhaps at first, you just take baby steps, but in time and before not too long, you are moving forward, leaving the old outdated debris behind, hence healing, and growth is inevitable.

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Stress + Prosperity

Your vision of security and personal fulfillment is related to every aspect of a healthy and happy life. If stress is present in either your emotional, social or professional life, then an imbalance in financial wellbeing may result.

Achieving improved financial wellbeing includes informed decision-making, releasing fear related issues to prosperity, learning how to use credit wisely, being prudent with expenditures, and planning for future.

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Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

The key to control Type 2 diabetes and obesity is eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Over the past year, we worked hard to open an organic farm. We added educational free workshops in gardening, and preparing wonderful nutritious meals to manage weight. Eating fresh vegetables, adding a daily fitness regimen of twenty minutes to your schedule, and releasing stress may just avert Type 2 diabetes and you may be losing those few pounds.

Weight loss coaching is part of the hypnosis+coaching program facilitated by Marianne Zaugg.