The Beginning

At the time of my birth I was seven month in gestation, and labor had to be induced to save my life.  I weighed five pounds, and  was forced fed to keep me alive. The chances for my survival were very slim.

But I am here, and hence it is obvious  that I survived.

This was my beginning!  And now what?  Is this the blueprint of my life?

Happy musings!



Every morning after I wake up, I sit in a chair and practice ‘being grateful’ for everything in my life, my home, my planet and the Universe.

This blog is the tool that I will be using to share my journey – in positive thinking, meditation and mindfulness – that has led me to this place. My life has had many obstacles that I have overcome to get to this place. As I move forward, I will share experiences and outcomes through the change of perception, learning and growth.

Happy musings,