Panic Attacks

With the holiday season approaching, many people will be more out of balance than usual. Fears may undermine an individual’s psyche without any rational reason behind it. And unresolved fears may actually lead a person to become so anxious and bent out of shape that it renders them sick, stuck in their path, and unable to live life in a normal fashion – relaxed and thoughtful.

Our eStore offers MP3s and CDs to assist in taking charge of your life, and of course individual therapy, hypnotherapy are all wonderful modalities in making the change for good.

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Stroke + Hypnosis

Just a few weeks ago, I began working with a new stroke patient. It was a wonderful experience to observe the small steps that the client went through as we noted the various improvement. Reduced anxiety and frustration, and more focus was reported. Truly fascinating!

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The lack of motivation to do, build, be successful, make more money and so on, can cause an even bigger stupor in ones life.
With that said, making the appointment to address the culprit is already a step forward to making a change. Procrastination goes hand in hand with motivation. Defining the cause or causes for “procrastinating” and creating enormous stress and anxiety is key to the healing process.
Various modality techniques are discussed and a treatment plan is chosen to change and adopt a new behavior.
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At times sleeping throughout the night might be a taunting task. The chatter of the mind does not stop… or it may keep awake in the middle of the night and does not let you go back to a restful sleep. Hypnotherapy can help in retraining and reconditioning the brain to enact a new behavior that lets you fall back into deep sleep.

Hypnosis is highly effective modality and most of my clients see me two or three times and they will have their sleep pattern restored again.

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Personal Growth for change

Well being of mind and body is key to living healthier and happier lives.

Through assessing diligently what you no longer need, and then deciding to take actions to letting go of negative behaviors is key for visible change in your life. Whether sleep is an issue, or being anxious and feeling overwhelmed, out of shape….

Any of these symptoms do not have to be present in your life and definitely not at all times.

You decide to feel happy!

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Eat Right – Lose Weight

The book is finally here. Eat right lose weight. Introducing the 5 Element Nutrition and Hypnosis System.
This workbook is a new approach to give you tools to change your lifestyle while losing weight. It is a healing system for body and mind, whereby you learn more about what foods best support you.
On the other hand, hypnosis addresses weight issues. This may include cravings, stress eating and other overeating patterns. Our workbook guides you and supports your path to weight loss. Feel free to download your free quiz.

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Fresh Fruits + Vegetables

To control diabetes and weight eating fresh fruits and vegetables helps a great deal. Through my coaching, my team was able to open this organic farm in South El Monte. Earthworks Farm is now open to the public to buy their organic fruits and vegetables. As part of the educational component we will offer workshops in cooking and preparing wonderful meals to manage weight.

Deep Sleep

Sleeping deeply and without any interruption could be a challenging proposition at times. In my practice, I have come across many people with sleep disturbances, who wish for a night of good sleep. It takes only a couple of sessions to attain this restful sleep that lasts throughout the night. Call and find out how you can benefit from this modality and gain control over your sleep and your life.

Life without Stress!

Healthy, active and smart living are ingredients to a stress free life. Eating smartly, means eating healthy nutrients that feed your body, and working out reduces stress.

Through personal growth counseling, triggers and old hurts are resolved and a healthy body can emerge. This is key to feeling happy and healthy.

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