Overcoming Adversity

Last night I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Natalie Cole.  I met her when she was nine years old with pig tails in Highland Park.  Her father Nat was a very popular singer.   With all the fame and money they went through a difficult situation  with prejudice and racial feelings by some in the neighborhood.  I remember the family  being  very classy and loving.

Later Natalie would overcome so much with drug abuse and the help of loved ones and family.  Her mother had control of her finances and life until she was strong enough to take control over her own.

She is still here, strong, and very much a survivor.

Happy musings.



Many times I see a client who simple cannot move forward and frequently, they disguise their lack of success quiet artistically. With that said, making the appointment to address the cause or causes is already a step forward to making a change.

Procrastination and motivation go hand in hand.

Defining the cause for their “procrastination” is of course key to creating change. Through NLP, hypnosis techniques and clearly defined growth strategies allow for the client to perceive their surroundings in a brand new light and thus, a new behavior is adopted.

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Personal Growth

After careful consideration, I have expanded my collaborations and assist clients more specifically to achieve their personal needs. Therefore, we have the a new platform for health and wellness, the yestowellbeing.org.

Drzaugg.com continues to serve through personal growth counseling, publishing and products with self-empowerment programs. We are offering engaging motivational workshops that help for example with public speaking engagements, or become financially secure, or achieve specific goals.

As you may already know to achieve a very specific goal requires careful strategic planning and support – to clearly define the needs of your vision.

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Marianne Zaugg