Helping Hands for a Friend

The Helping Hands for a Friend program was introduced to offer our services to individuals that really need them, but who cannot afford them.

The process is simple:

Helping Hands for a FriendIndividuals in need of assistance must complete an initial evaluation session to ensure that we can help them.

If it is a good fit, the individual can submit an application to be come a recipient of Helping Hands for a Friend program.

The Helping Hands for a Friend program welcomes anyone interested in becoming a Benefactor. They simply click the button below, fill out the donation form, and then make an anonymous donation (tax-deductible) to grant a Helping Hands for a Friend Recipient, sessions facilitated through YES To Wellbeing.

YES To Wellbeing matches every donation dollar-for-dollar.

Selection process:

We select the applicant most in need of every donation based on their application and our personal observation of their dedication and commitment to the process.

Our matching donation may go to the same applicant or it may go to another applicant in need, based on our discretion.

The entire process is always anonymous on both ends — Benefactors and Recipients will never be revealed to one another or to anyone else by our team.

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For more information, please call (626) 539-4063, or fill out the request for information.