Yoga EvolveS

The Yes Foundation promotes Yoga EvolveS to our community supporting the health and wellbeing of each. Yoga is a personal experience, the practice offers time for students to turn inward, to develop concentration and physical strength, to become clear of who they are and what they want out of life. Through the mastering of postures students' confidence is boosted, strength and flexibility is renewed and a sense of wellbeing is harnessed.

Yoga practice brings forth a new wave of creativity and self-awareness directly impacting the self, hence becoming mindful of the surroundings of each.

  1. HEALTH: Through weekly yoga classes, this program helps student to build flexibility of body and mind, alleviating aches and pain and building muscle strength. It improves posture and therefore, prevents neck, shoulder and back pain. It reduces depression and high blood sugar, while increasing blood flow and over all wellbeing.
  2. EDUCATION: Healthy eating and active living workshops provide students with tools to make healthier choices, minimizing stress and anxiety, and building a self-sustainability as the foundation for life.
  3. COMMUNITY: Seeking change through transformation within the self creates a domino effect that encourages health and wellbeing. Yoga practices supports the student and brings a sense of togetherness, improving healthy habits.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes are held at:
San Gabriel Valley Service Center
1441 Santa Anita Ave
South El Monte, CA 91733
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6-7pm
For more information call the Center at (626) 575-5431

Yoga For Kids: Building self awareness, confidence and love through poses, breathing and play.

Yoga for Youth: Building self acceptance, confidence, compassion and trust through movement and breath.

Yoga for Adults and Power Yoga: Vigorous flow of asana (poses) to enhance over all stamina, strength and endurance. Meditative by connecting movement and breath and stilling the mind.

Yoga en Sillas: For seniors or individuals with physical ailments. Providing safe poses and breathing techniques to enhance over all wellbeing.

Yoga In Schools: Classes are designed to teach mindfulness living healthier and happier lives, being active throughout the day, and ultimately making smarter choices for life. Yoga in school provides meaningful tips that can be passed on to parents, siblings, and peers. The program empowers youth through learning about living healthier lives, being active throughout the day, enhancing physical health and wellbeing, cultivating clarity of mind, speech and intention providing student with the perfect tools for a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

Yoga EvolveS offers classes in Spanish as well.

The Mission:

Building communities to encourage healthy habits and active living through yoga and mindfulness as the healing catalyst for personal growth.

Program Justification / Rationale:

Yoga as the program supports the dynamic connection to building relationships and being mindful of healthy habits for a sustainable lifestyle

Yoga goes hand in hand with this philosophy giving people the opportunity to connect within, allowing transformation to take place from the inside out.

A consistent yoga practice enhances physical health and wellbeing, cultivating clarity of mind, speech and intention providing people with the perfect tools for a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

For more information, please call (626) 539-4063, or fill out the request for information.