Biography: Stephanie Kirby

Stephanie KirbyWhen I went to my first yoga class seven years ago, I remember at the end while the class was in the final resting pose that I felt as though all the cells in my body were smiling. Quickly I became hooked and had to have that feeling again. Little did I know that the yoga poses would end up feeling like home to my body and that through aligning myself I would also learn to nourish my soul.

After my Yoga Teacher Training in India of 2013, I started having some health issues with my body that were resulting in chronic migraines and had to learn to listen to my body in order to heal. The medications were only making me worse and therefore I had to retrain my body and mind to attain wellbeing. While taking time off from teaching I learned many different ways to heal myself with the aid of nutrients, vitamins, essential oils, healing crystals, healing sounds, and deep meditation.

Today, I am working with many different Yoga Studios to share my healing journey. It is my mission to help others to reach their full potential healing themselves through yoga - and ultimately attain total alignment with the self. At Yoga EvolveS I engage weekly with my students facilitating a free class to the community as I believe that everybody deserves to find a place to stretch, flex and heal.

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